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Purchasing fraud

Purchasing fraud

Buying goods and services safely

Like most businesses – large and small – you probably need to buy in goods and services.

Regardless of whether you rely on a handful of local traders or a long international supply chain, you could be at risk of fraud.

Card-not-present fraud

Selling goods and services safely

If you are a retailer you probably let some of your customers pay remotely – either online over the phone or by mail order.

These card-not-present (CNP) transactions are particularly vulnerable to fraud because the buyer is ‘invisible’ and normal face-to-face precautions aren’t possible.

Understanding Staff Fraud

Insider fraud

Understanding staff fraud

Businesses like yours are losing as much as 5% of their revenue to fraud committed by their own staff. Understanding how (and why) is the first step in stopping it happening to you.

This guide will help you understand the risks and think about the practical things you can do to keep safe.

Preventing cybercrime


Preventing cybercrime

Each year about four out of ten UK businesses have their computers, networks and smartphones attacked by cybercriminals.1 The first step towards making sure this doesn’t happen to you is to understand what cybercrime is and how it can hurt your business.

This guide explains how cybercrime works and the practical things you can do to keep your business safe.

Managing fraud

Managing fraud

Managing fraud risks

Fraud is much more common than most people imagine. It can happen to any business, including yours. That makes managing potential fraud risks an essential part of good business practice.

This guide explains how to make a solid start managing your own fraud risks, with practical steps to help keep your business safe.