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Fraud is a cost of doing business


It doesn’t have to be. Simple precautions could halve your fraud losses.


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Preventing fraud makes good business sense

Preventing fraud makes good business sense

Hear from fraud experts, including a small business owner who has been the victim of fraud, about why tackling fraud matters. We will explain what fraud is, how it can occur within your business, both the financial and non-financial harm it can cause and outline some practical things you can do to stay safe. You’ll also have the chance to have your questions answered.

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Understanding Staff Fraud

Staff fraud

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Preventing cybercrime


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Managing fraud

Managing fraud

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Find out how fraud can affect your business and learn practical steps you can take to stay safe.

Fraud watch

Business fraud network

In this update we highlight emerging fraud threats to businesses (especially SMEs) and offer practical advice on prevention. It is based on pooled intelligence shared by members our Business Fraud Network which meets every six weeks.