Common myths

Frauds are easy to spot

Fraudsters are masters of hiding in plain sight

My staff know fraud when they see it

Only trained eyes spot cunning crimes

Cybercriminals will never guess my password

Just six characters? It can be cracked in an instant!

Our business is too small to interest cybercriminals

Half of cybercrime reports are from small businesses.

Cyber security is an IT issue

It’s people (not machines) who click on dodgy links.

Insider fraud problems? It’s just one bad apple

Staff frauds often involve two or more people working together.

It’s OK to let a fraudster leave without a fuss

Speak up or you make it easy for them to do it again.

Outsiders are our biggest fraud threat

No-one knows your weaknesses better than your own staff.

Our employees are too nice to be fraudsters

Insider fraud costs businesses about 5% of revenue each year.

Stopping fraud is an expensive hassle

It doesn’t have to be. Simply being more aware of the risks is a quick – and cheap – way to start.

Fraudsters won’t target our small business

Criminals don’t care how big you are. In the last two years, one-in-three small businesses experienced fraud.

Fraud is a cost of doing business

It doesn’t have to be. Simple precautions could halve your fraud losses.